Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Printer Sizing

Blogger has been giving me fits all morning by not putting up the menu bar above the typing space.  Grrr.

I'm going to have to start all over on "Mimi's Bloomers".  Good thing I only have 3 blocks that I thought were done.

The problem is with PDF files and printer sizes.  If I save her PDF to the desktop it prints out a different size than if I print it out from her site.

Here's the difference:

I did mine with the larger size as the outside lines measure 9 inches perfectly.  The smaller block comes out around 8.5 inches.  The directions say it's a 9 inch finished blocks so I figured that was the correct size.

However to my dismay, if you use the 9 inch block template it doesn't work perfectly.  The ten inch line on the left side and bottom of the block give you a better idea.

You will end up cutting out some of the petals or they are too close to the 9 inch finished line.  The 9 inch block works great with an 11 inch block though.

Tomorrow I plan on ordering her center panel and see how everything compares before going on.  I still need to finish up "My Tweets" one of these years as well.  I messed up the center panel and had to restart.  I still have 4 blocks of that quilt to finish as well.