Monday, August 06, 2012

Riding Along The Missouri River

Some day I'll have someone else with me while on a bike to get decent pictures.  My cell phone camera takes terrible ones and with the trees/cliffs behind me I had a hard time getting a decent shot.  I often don't think to take pictures.

My Mukluk is sitting next to the Missouri River along the trail.  It's a gorgeous trail as it runs along the cliffs and the river.  I'm so glad this part of the trail finally opened up this summer.

I scared off two deer that ran in front of me and saw plenty of animal tracks.  Some were coyote and what looked like bobcat tracks.  There were some really large animal prints but I'm not that good with animal tracks.  Next time I head out, I should get a book on animal tracks and see what's out there.  The north part of the trail doesn't have nearly as much travel as the southern part so it was nice to see wildlife.

Trail ends out by the boat dock in the next town.  I'm figuring I picked up the thorns from this ride.  Maybe from the highway but logic dictates this trail.  It's around 10 miles from where I started to the next town.  It was a great 20 mile trip and after my hand heals up and I get an inner tube I'll go back again.  I have nightmares of having a zillion of those stupid thorns poking holes in my tires leaving me walking home miles from home.  I think being a woman, you tend to worry about being stranded far more than guys do especially since this trail is out in the boonies with no roads that meet up with the trail.

According to Strava my top speed was 22 mph.  Umm, Strava...this is a fat bike Mukluk.  The fastest speed I got from the computer on my bike was 14 mph.  My average is around 10 mph.  If I'm going up a hill, it's around 3-5 and I'm usually gasping most of the way up.  You get quite the workout with a 30 poundish bike that isn't that fast.  Not sure how accurate Strava is but it wasn't that trip.  My Tracks isn't too bad and neither is another one I use occasionally.

Ohh..Strava has it as 17 miles.  I lied..or Strava did.  LOL.  Oh, and no achievements either..LOL.  I guess I need to ride down a hill too fast and kill myself to beat my record or have someone else ride the trail that uses the same app.  The riding down a hill trying to beat your record actually happened.  Another Darwin award for that guy.