Thursday, August 23, 2012

Past couple of days have been really rough.  Without going into details, a hard decision was made to take Bandit and Buttons into the Humane Society.  Thankfully; the lady at the front desk didn't make me feel worse of a mom than I already do and I desperately hope they are adopted soon.  Please don't ask why.  I'll just say that if you truly feel the need to take your animal in to a shelter, do so, regardless of the reasons.

Hopefully; I'll put a quilting post up soon.


Never heard back from the mountain bike site, so figured I'd just keep the account.  Hubby chilled out some as well.  If you can't handle the testosterone, get out of the locker room.  Most of the guys are great even if I come across as pretty inept.

After dropping of my fur balls and bawling my eyes out, DH told me he'd take me to the bike store as I had wanted to try some different electrolyte supplements.  I also needed a real patch kit for inner tubes and I hoped since the store sold Surly bikes they'd have a fat bike inner tube.

My problem with Gatorade and other drinks is that they make me feel sick and bloated so I hadn't worried about not having a bottle.  When I asked around on a women's forum they made some suggestions of Nuun tablets and another powdered drink mix from Skratch.  I picked up a couple of each and will try them out over the next few days.

Just like fabric shops, bike shops are evil.  SOS kicks in (shiny object syndrome) and you wander around gazing longingly at stuff even if you have no clue what they do or even are.  If the bike shop guys know what bike you have, they even worse by offering stuff for said bike.  Apparently a bike company has front/back plastic fenders for fat bikes.  I wasn't sure I liked them, but nice to know they are there and yes, he had the inner tubes.

This time the owner had a couple of bags for racks that I'd looked at before.  I've wanted one for months, but haven't been able to afford the costs.  Sometimes you don't want to carry around a backpack.  To my surprise, DH said to get it and not worry about the cost and it would be an early birthday present, but probably the only one he could get me.  Truthfully; I could design a better looking bag, but don't have access to the fabric/supplies to really make what I want.

So... here it is:

With the patch kit, my Mukluk no longer looks like this and has a front tire on.  It just needs a good test

ride to see if I can actually patch an inner tube right.

I asked the guy there if he was getting in any Krampus bikes.  He said he had two on order but I don't remember when they'd get there.  From what he said, Surly made 300 pre built bikes, but had plenty of frames and the rims/tires.  He said he loved the ride and handling of the Krampus.  Evil, evil, man since he got to ride one.  I think he even said the guy that designed the bike was from around the Lincoln area..maybe from his shop?  Still reeling from the loss of my fur balls, I don't remember.