Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Vegetate and Decompose

My daughter did this when my dad was here.  I looked over to see what was on TV and there they were sitting like that.  I just had to take a picture.  It's not often I get to see my dad so I'm glad he was able to stop by for the day.

I was thinking about why women don't ride a bike as much as men.  See above picture.  Men get to turn off anytime they please.  We don't.  There isn't a "vegetate and decompose" button for women.  I'm a mom and wife 24/7.  Even while on a bike, I'm thinking like a mom.  Dinner, school, kids, grocery shopping, cleaning up, I can only ride for so long before I need to get home..all of it  When DH worked night shift, I'd be awake on mom radar shift.  Even after he got a day job, it took a long time to turn off the radar.  I then realized you never loose "Mom Radar Vision" even while on a bike.  For some women, they can't balance that radar and their own enjoyment/needs.  Riding a bike seems out of their realm of reality.  

BTW, I'm glad guys can turn off into "vegetate and decompose" mode.  My husband works hard every day.  He's tired when he comes home.  He just wants dinner and then watch TV most of the evening.  Getting on a bike is the last thing on his mind.  I am hoping that with next year's tax refund I can get him the Fargo he wants.  He loves mine and said he'd ride more if he had one.

If he doesn't want the bike there's a Surly Krampus or a Salsa Beargrease calling to me if Xtreme Wheels or another bike shop can get one in.  The new rims/tires of the Surly Krampus would keep me happy as well if they work for the Mukluk.  Both look like they would be tons of fun.