Sunday, August 26, 2012

I actually have a quilty post!

I loved the my idea of outlining with thread the edges of the pieces of "Mimi's Bloomers" but I'm going to wait until Erin has the entire quilt directions ready to go.  I played with the math and with the freezer paper and came up with odd sizes.  Not sure at all how she's going to put it together.

I spent the afternoon cutting out heat resistant templates and making some of the pieces for "Red December".  I have loved this quilt since Esther first showed it and am determined to finish it somehow.  If this doesn't work, I'll going to outline the pattern with red thread like in redwork quilting.

Here's what I have so far.  It isn't much, but folding over the ends of the flowers isn't easy since they turn into slender points.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get most of it done, basted and ready to sew.


I am no longer a worthy member of the toolshed and should be tossed out immediately.   I hang my head in shame and disbelief that I cannot patch a tire to save my life.  I went out this morning and my Mukluk's front tire is flat.  This is why I buy inner tubes instead of patching them and have been waiting until I could get a tube for the Mukluk.  The guys on the mountain bike forum would be laughing their butts off right now.

I did have an awesome ride the other day despite the high crosswinds and the rain on my Fargo.  I went 14 miles and tested her out on some gravel and minimum maintenance dirt roads.  I need to put back on better tires if I want to really go through those roads, but she did great with the road ones I have on her. She truly is an off road bike and is perfect for rural NE.

  My Mukluk would have made the dirt roads a piece of cake though.

It started raining 6 miles from home back out on the highway and came home nice and wet.  I do keep a waterproof/windproof jacket in my pack so I didn't get totally soaked, but those semis really push your water limits.  I'm sure everyone driving past me thought I was nuts.

Someday I'll get my bikes in some great places where I'm not eating semi truck dust or gravel and do some real riding.


Judy said...

Your ride sounds great to me! It seems like sometimes you get the farthest away from home and then it starts raining ;-) I don't like patching tires either, which is why we have a bunch of tubes with holes stuffed in our shed.
Enjoy your quilting!