Monday, August 06, 2012

Stitches And Flat Tires

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time.  I ran out of printer ink to resize the patterns.  I just haven't been in the mood to start over either.  The fabric line is several years old and I just have fat quarters.  I worry about totally messing up and running out of fabric.

It's been to blasted hot to do much cycling which is terribly depressing.

Now I can't ride a bike for a week and a half or really do any sewing as I got stitches yesterday.  You wouldn't think three lousy stitches would hurt so bad but it does.  Especially since it's on my top knuckle.   At least it's my left hand but it makes some things hard to do.

I was trying to take my fancy pedals off my bike and one of pedals wouldn't budge.  In frustration I pushed the wrench really hard, the pedal came loose and my hand went into the chain rings putting a nice gash in my hand from the force of it.

For those who can handle stitches a pic is posted at the bottom.

Last week I ran over some thorns and got a flat tire.  Of course it's my Mukluk tire and the inner tubes run around 20 bucks to replace.  I think they are called Goathead thorns and they can go through car tires as well.  I would hate to step on those nasty things.  Sometimes I think God is telling me to get off a bike and I'm too stubborn to listen.  LOL.  At least the bike god was kind enough to let me get home before the tire went flat.  Walking 5 miles back home would truly suck.



Laura said...

Ack! Sorry to read about your stitches and your bike tire. How frustrating for you!