Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Anyone Tried The Singer Rotary Cutter?

Okay.  Something other than me babbling on about compass quilts. 

I went to JoAnn fabrics today and found one of those Singer automatic rotary cutter thingies.  They wanted 90 bucks for it with 30 bucks off.  At 60 bucks I couldn't justify it even for curiousity's sake.  I opened the box and there's a pedal so small that I'd squash it within seconds as I have big feet.  The evil clerk was giving me dirty looks and it was packaged so that I'd really have to take it apart to check it out.  Is it worth it?  I don't know.  The price and the foot pedal turned me off right there.

If some has braved the price tag, let us know.  60 bucks is a lot of thread, fabric and other stuff that would go to better use.  Neato idea, but way expensive.

I won a contest!!  I got the nicest set of fabric bowls!  She needed a name for her beautiful quilt and I won.  Check out her blog at Quilt And Bitch
to see her beautiful appliqued quilt.  Thank you so much!  They are beautiful! 
From Blogger Pictures
The brown spot that looks like an iron mark iron mark.  My son and my nephew were goofing off and knocked over the iron.  They didn't bother to pick it back up and I found it a few minutes later melting the carpet.  


Barbara said...

I had an iron mark on my carpet when I had carpet from when my step-daughter decided to press her $1 bills. I now have no carpet in my house so that problem has been solved.
Good luck with the hardanger piece. I love the look - I was so scared on the first piece I did - I was afraid to cut threads.

JenniferB said...

The bowls are awesome! I have to say you seem very calm about the iron mark in the carpet -- I probably wouldn't have been able to keep so calm. :) Good luck with the hardanger -- I have not attempted that yet, although I do love cross-stitch.

Quilt+Bitch said...

Hi Bethany,

Great to see that you received the fabric bowls. Enjoy them!

Trish said...

Check out her blog:
She tried the Singer Rotary cutter and didn't like it.

Jen said...

I was going to suggest reading Cathys blog too. :)

becky c. said...

I just got the cutter and found it is not easy to get it to cut a straight line. I hope I get the hang of it but it may be yet another useless gadget. I'm a sucker for gadgets!

martha said...

I purhased the rotary cutter and got wonky strips every time. There is no way to control the fabric feed into the machine and it is small so a large piece of fabric would be realy tricky.
the motor pulls the fabric through the machine and the is nothing to prevent sideways tugging on the fabric. The other problem wass the poer/foot feed cable. If the machine is on a cutting table, the cord is too short to reach the floor and since the power source cable is connected to the same area, it becomes difficult to reach an outlet. Save your money.

Ashlea said...

Oh please, don't remind me of iron marks. I've had that like ten times already, thanks to my nephew. Whenever he runs amok and knocks off the ironing board, the carpet always gets burnt. But because I love my nephew so much, I call on Indianapolis carpet cleaners to erase the evidence and get rid of the marks to save him from getting scolded. Yeah, those people are like the best in Indianapolis. Carpet cleaning never fails to save me and my nephew's day.