Friday, June 05, 2009

Crawling Back Out

I heard from Gina!  My week has gotten better.  

1.  I thought Mrs. Finch was going to die.  I have a pair of zebra finches.  They are 7 years old and my daughter pointed out that she had lost most of her feathers down her back.  She hasn't been feeling well and I figured I was going to wake up finding her dead this week.

I emailed a lady that knows finches pretty well and she confirmed that Mrs. Finch is indeed old and probably stressed but isn't going to die.  She just needed some suppliments.

Mrs. Finch is on the perch.  Mr. Finch is sitting on the tray.

From Embroidery Designs
2.  I got yelled at on a Yahoo! group by a lady who exclaimed I needed to learn computer 101 because I couldn't figure out how to get several USB sticks to work.  I knew it was operator error but couldn't figure out why.  I finally took out the folders and just put the designs on.  It worked.  Duh.

3.  The whole stupid needle/Bernina issue.  The price issue and then my Topaz was eating thread and it overloaded the motor.  Then after reading a reputible site that OESD Organ needles shouldn't be used in Viking machines I freaked thinking that's why my machine motor overloaded.  I had visions of fighting a dealer about a broken machine and it being my fault.

I emailed the site but never heard from them.  I called my Viking dealer and she said it wasn't the needles but it was because I had slowed down the machine, was using a dense design, and going through fleece.  She used titanium needles all the time.  She thought Bernina was nuts.  My Janome/Pfaff dealer says Bernina is nuts.

I guess I've been taken advantage of several times by sewing machine dealers and I'm so overprotective of others because of it.  I don't want others going through what I did and try to explain how to buy sewing related items.

It's the same with health specialists.  You get very skeptical and come across as paranoid to everyone else. 

4.  Getting my son ready for scout camp next week and my daughter ready for girl's camp the week after.  Arranging rides, gear, books, and everything else.

5.  Someone ruined my peonies AGAIN.  I give up.  They never get a chance to bloom because of it.  5 years and some kid or my husband ruins them.  

Thank you to those who emailed me/posted.



jillquilts said...

I'm glad Mrs. Finch will be ok!

Regina said...

so sorry to hear about your peonies again - if it helps I can send you photos of mine, though I know it is not the same.

and glad you heard from Gina!

Cindy said...

Hang in there things have got to get better. I'm glad Mrs. Finch is alright.