Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Working On Aquamarine Ambience Block Two

From Embroidery Designs

I got these two designs done yesterday before the storms hit.  They turned out beautifully.  I've discovered that my Hemingworth yellow color is a bad spool.  My Topaz has done nothing but eat it.  It does fine with the other colors.  I finally gave up and used a yellow color of Robinson-Anton.  It looks close enough that I may get away with it as I have the first block done.

With this block I used Jenny's Sheer Magic Plus stabilizer before using the fusible fleece.  I can tell a difference and it's really nice.  Her stuff is really nice, but I wish it didn't cost a fortune.  I don't think I can afford to do an entire quilt.  It may just be a lap size.  I really struggle between being cheap or eating the prices for some items.   

I know I've been a huge PITA the past the few days but Bernina has really pissed me off as I fell for their marketing ploy.  See..even I'm gullible.  I paid 16.10 for those titanium needles.  EVERYWHERE I called or emailed had the EXACT same needles for under 10 dollars.  I gave them the numbers on the cardboard package and asked if there were differences.  They all said there wasn't.    

This is why I could never work for a sewing machine company.  I do love titanium needles.  Just make sure you only pay under 10 bucks for them if you decide to try them out.   


Jen said...

That just sucks about the needles. How do they expect to stay in business with those tactics?