Friday, June 12, 2009

I Heard Back From Viking Headquarters!!

*Falls over backwards in surprise* Wow.  I emailed Viking directly about Organ titanium needles and actually got a response.  I figured they get a ton emails and mine would just get lost in the shuffle but it would make me feel better.

Dear Husqvarna Viking Company,

Are the Organ Company's Titanium needles okay to use for the Viking  
brand of sewing machines?  I have a Topaz and was told that they would  
not work.  Yet other places say they do.  The last thing I want to do  
is ruin my machine.

It's frustrating when you get different answers from places.  

Thank you for contacting VSM Consumer Affairs. The Organ needles do not
work in the Designer sewing machines. For optimal results we recommend
Schmedtz needles.

Happy Sewing,

VSM Consumer Affairs

So does this make Christine the Goddess of Viking Knowledge and I have a package of needles that do not work with my machine?  For now I'll believe Christine.  LOL.  


Jen said...

I don't believe it. The key is "optimal.". I bet they have a deal with schmetz.