Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Marking And Quilting My Mariner's Compass

I finally started quilting my mariner's compass quilt today.  I used a water soluble pen and traced the templates and realized the second set I'd done didn't quite fit right.  I had to wet the quilt and start over.

While doing the tracing I realized that I needed to modify the templates for easier quilting and took out sections.  It worked out much better.

Here are the first two points I have quilted:

From Blogger Pictures

and a close-up shot of the blue compass point:
From Blogger Pictures
I've used polyester thread which is really shiny.  I don't have a cotton blue that color and would have to take a trip or order something.  If your stitches aren't even and mine aren't, they really show up.  I'm not sure if it will distract from the quilt as well.


Gina said...

i think it looks great. I can't see the uneven stitches. Anythat are there will get lost in the effect of the quilting.

love and hugs Gina xxx

Trish said...

I like it. Nice design.