Monday, June 01, 2009

"You Should Work For A Dealer"

My husband is so funny.  We were on our way back home from the Bernina seminar and talking about the topics when he said,

 "Sweetheart, you should teach classes.  You are more talented than you give yourself credit for. Or work for a dealer.  You can sell anything and know more about stuff than those people do".
Gulp.  I don't think so.  Here's why.  I have an attitude problem.  I've worked retail for years.  I've managed a store part-time.  I know how the system works and I don't like it.  Basically; it's kiss the corporate office's butt and screw the customer without them knowing it.  It's about the dollar sign.  You don't meet the numbers or follow the policies, you lose your store.  Argue with me all you want, but that's the reality and I refuse to play the game.  Just take a look at the corporate problems now and you'll see my point.

It's not the dealer/store owner's fault, it's corporate offices who don't have a clue what goes down on the customer level and insist on unfair policies to owners, workers and to customers. 
As much as I love sewing machines, I could never work for a dealer.   I could never sell a machine to someone who can't afford it just to meet that month's expected income or quota.  I could never sell a machine to someone who really doesn't like the brand and would be happier with another company's machine.  I could never purposely confuse a customer just to sell her a higher priced item when a lower priced item would work just fine.  I couldn't sell a 400-2000 dollar software package when I know about Embird just because I have too.  It's not that those programs aren't good.  I just know that no one should pay that kind of money for software.

I couldn't work for a company that can't fix or exchange a sewing machine because a fault of their own manufacturing.  IE, admit that the machine needs a new motherboard and fix it or give her a new one.  No one should have to play games for weeks or months trying to get their machine to work. Even if it's operator error, someone should care enough to work with that person, not make them feel stupid.

I watched all the women that were there that day and saw the same game being played.  All of them had that deer in the headlight look as they were talked into buying all kinds of stuff that they had no clue if they needed it or not.

As far as classes go, I don't mind teaching.  The problem is that there are only two stores in town and neither one really have classes.  One store I refuse to deal with.  I haven't been in for almost 3 years.  My house is too small to hold classes and I'm a hermit.  It's easier to just babble online.