Monday, June 01, 2009

Titanium Needles

From Embroidery Designs

I LOVE my new titanium needles!  I'm a needle freak.  I admit it big time.  I spent the past 1/2hour  browsing the net to see if I could get these babies in bulk.  It seems that there is a huge price discrepency and my guess is it's over basic needles and embroidery needles.  

Organ is the only brand that makes titanium needles and their only company flaw is how they package them.  ARGH.  Every other company is kind enough to say give a size, the type of needle and what you do with it. Plain and simple.  Organ has strange numbers on the back of the package like 15x1 size 12 PD.  Huh?  The lady grabs the package behind the counter and hands one to me.  The only reason I know it's titanium is because it has the PD on it.

The only reason I know what I have is that Bernina packaged Organ needles in a fancy green cardboard box that says something useful like "titanium" "embroidery needles" "sharp" and "80/12"  I paid 16.10 for a package of 10.  Before you faint, titanium needles don't heat up and last longer because of it.  I've used regular needles with my embroidery machine and if you touch the needle..sizzle..  These don't.  The sew beautifully.    

What I can't figured out is that I'm finding titanium needles for around 10 bucks but again their stupid packaging makes it hard to know what I'm actually getting.  Some places have the same price I paid too.  There is a difference between embroidery and regular needles and I've just had to email a couple of places to ask.



Jen said...

Have you looked on I just did a google search on Organ titanium embroidery needles. They looked like they had good prices. Or I wonder if has them? I think they have free shipping.

So what do u think of the UFO challenge? We made it more generalized so that it would fit embroidery in for you. :)