Monday, March 15, 2010

Doc's Orders..No Quilting

Went and saw a chiropractor in Friday.  He said my hips were out of alignment and my upper back needed to be far more flexible.  I figured his adjustment was it and I was done.  Nope.  He said I needed to come in for adjustments for several weeks.  I left feeling..wierd.  I can't describe the feeling other than my brain was completely confused.  Almost like having a seizure where it's foggy.

He was amazingly gentle and very nice.

Today I went and he wasn't quite so gentle but still nice.  My hips started aching after I got home.  He did say no quilting as the muscle injury was still there and with him manipulating bones it could easily come back.  He actually knew about quilting..LOL.

I ended up crawling on the couch and sleeping.  I'm glad I did the bunny cages before we left.  DH did the hard part of crawling around with the vaccum cleaner.

For a giggle, here's Bandit and Cagney hanging out on DH's lap.  She was on her way to investigate Bandit and I got the picture before he woke up.

From Three Tricky Rabbits