Monday, March 01, 2010


Do you have a Houdini? You know. The animal that can escape ANYTHING despite all your attempts? And your neighbors are always bringing your dog back and giving you dirty looks while you look helpless and imcompetent?

I have one. Except she's a rabbit. DH found her outside her cage the other day happily playing in the TV room. He discovered that she undid the door and got out. I placed a giant box in front of it thinking it would work. Nope.

This morning DH found her playing in the TV room AGAIN! She'd popped the tops off the cage in an attempt to escape and figured out how to shove the box enough to get out.

The TV room door doesn't shut all the way so I have a makeshift gate there. She can push it out and then open the door. She can squeeze under things I never thought a rabbit could do.

So...we got a new cage. While putting the cage together we put Lacy in a 35 gallon plastic bin (top off). A few minutes later she'd jumped out.

From Quilted with Love

Actually; we got a couple of cages. More on that. She has been banging at the door and trying to pop the top off since we put her in. All she wants is out to play but she needs supervision. The bottom section slides out and I bet she'd figure out how to do it so that's why she's on top.

Now look UNDER the cage. You may have to enlarge it. Can you see TWO rabbits? That equals THREE now. Under no circumstances is DH allowed in a pet store EVER. I have printed out signs to post on the doors of all pet stores and will send them out tomorrow.

DH bought a mini rex and called him Magnum, from Magnum P.I. *snicker* You got it. Cagney, Lacey and Magnum. Cagney and Magnum are starting to be friends. However; until the 4th, no more true interactions since I don't want babies. They all get fixed on the 4th.


From Quilted with Love
When the vet asked what their names where and I told her, she burst out laughing.

Cagney, a lop eared rabbit:
From Quilted with Love
If you want to know what rabbit proofing looks like:

From Quilted with Love
This is to protect the cords and keep them out. While Lacey can easily jump them, she stays out. These are perfect for going around items like bookshelves, in front of your TV and other places that don't have openings.

My only complaint on the cages is that the rabbits can't come out freely on their own. I put up several litterboxes around the room and hope they will use it.

Lacey doesn't like the other rabbits as she's been here the longest. It will take some time to bond. Cagney and Magnum are just a couple of days apart and pretty much worked it out.