Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patsy Thompson DVDs

Truthfully; I'm not always impressed with quilting DVDs and rarely buy them.  These are the ones I own  and are worth buying if you have thought about them despite their audio/visually quality.  A lot of the time I feel like I'm being sold a product/machine instead of learning something.  If I wanted that product, I don't need a 30+ dollar DVD to sell it to me.

I took a risk on buying Patsy Thompson's DVDs after seeing a video on her demonstrate the bendable LED light gizmo.  She was clear, explained everything and was comfortable in front of a camera.  Everything I wish I could be when doing one of my videos.  She almost talked me into one but the 50 dollar price tag doesn't have me running for it.

I sat down to watch her "Fast and Free" .5 video and started it up, not sure what to expect.  To my surprise I was blown away with the video/audio quality.  Now, I know my Blu-ray player upconverts to 1080 resolution instead of 420 resolution (which most DVDs are) to make a better picture, but this was fantastic.  It's not 5.1 surround sound or higher, but it was lound and clear.  It was nice not to have to turn my sound up to level 65 to hear her either.
From Embroidery Designs
"Fast and Free .5" goes over the basics of FMQ.  I've been doing this for 5 years and I can't believe how much info she pointed out that I was missing.  There were little tiny details that I had wondered how to fix, but didn't know how.  She goes over details of tension, quilt basting, the foot, and the fabric. Volume 2 builds on these skills with different designs.

The only thing I don't get is how she can spray baste a queen size quilt and not have it shift.  She'll have to come to my house and prove it.

Here's where the video quality REALLY kicks in.  Most DVDs have terrible close-ups on the needle area.  It's blurry, too dark, shaky and you find yourself sea sick as the camera moves.  This had beautiful clarity on the needle area and the stitches.  You could easily follow everything she did.

As she demonstrated the different techniques for FMQ she builds on the last thing you learned.  She went over starts/stops and did full stitch outs of the designs explaining how not to get stuck or trapped into a corner.  That's usually me, by the way...LOL.

Oh... DH was impressed.  He sat and watched part of it while we had lunch.  He didn't know you could do so much with FMQ and was fascinated as she did the designs.  He even liked her Pfaff machine.  Hmmm...that has possibilities.  I haven't had any stories to post about him since he's been suprisingly good.  He didn't annoy the Bernina lady at Hancock's the other day.  He didn't question my Dovo scissors purchase and he let me buy the Patsy Thompson DVDs.  Something must be

If you are questioning the purchase, go for it.  If I'm not griping about anything, you know it's good as I can be a stickler about that.

Thank you Patsy for wonderful DVDs that I will treasure and refer back too as needed.



Amy said...

I have three of Patsy's DVDs and she is just wonderful. She has wonderful teaching skills and I like her designs.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm sooo glad the DVD's arrived and you loved them. Better tell your friends where you got them at such good prices :)

I'm not trying to sell you a bendable bright light....I don't really try to "sell" things...I do however I only blog about things that I know to be worth their value. If it is not....I just don't talk about it. But I've sold so many BBL and only have heard the best things from others....I'm in love with mine....and Patsy would not promote anything that was junk.

BTW, her husband does the video taping....aren't they an amazing team?


Rhonda said...

Bethany, you have gotten my attention......I'll have to investigate. Thanks!!!