Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Fast And Free .5" practicing

Things went much better today while doing the FMQ excercises.  I got most of my tension issues worked out once I put the setting on "Woven Heavy".  If your machine has settings like this, use it.  I completely forgot this last night.  DUH.

I set my machine speed to a lower setting so I can keep better control.  My Topaz has 4 speed settings.  My Janome 6600 has three; turtle slow, slow and Speedy Gonzolas which get really annoying for FMQ.  The Topaz has far more regular speeds which are more managable for detailed work.

I also realized that Patsy starts at the top.  I find that harder as you can't see where you've been.  If I start at the bottom and work my way up, I don't get locked into a corner.  I did try it from the top after some confidence built in, but I still find working from the bottom up easier.

I did pretty good at the first stitch-outs.  The further I got, the easier the loops were to make.  Then I got to the suns.  Oh..this isn't pretty.  I'm sure that it's not that bad, but the rays wouldn't go straight and they looked like dejected flowers. I just started cringing.

I got to the next chapter on linear designs.  Ohhh, this is way hard.  Finding entrance/exit routes gave me a headache and I kept messing up.  Now the designs themselves aren't bad, it's the backing yourself into a corner that was killing me.

If all else fails, print out the charts from Patsy's site, stick one on top of the sample and stitch it out:

This makes a lot more sense now.  It's not hard but I still need to learn to visualize space better.  The rest of the designs are far more complicated than my brain can take right now.  I'll do them another day.


bernie said...

I think you did just fine. I am trying to learn to freemotion quilt too. I am having trouble getting a good rythm going between hands, eyes, foot pedal. How are you marking your quilt top? Or are you just winging it? Bernie

Rhonda said...

Great idea about running off a copy, placing that on top of your fabric to stitch out.
I think you did a good jog....just keep practicing...that's what I'm doing....getting better week by week......Take care.

Bethany said...


With the "Fast And Free" you aren't doing any marking as it's all done free hand.

Sometimes I "wing it" but that's why I bought the DVDs so I could have better control on the design.