Sunday, March 07, 2010

Socks, Recliners and Shedding Rabbits

After watching some YouTube videos on knitting socks with circular needles I think I'm ready to try it again. My attempts have been disasterous so far.

My back is doing better.  Getting new furniture with back support has done wonders.  After almost 16 years of marriage DH and I were able to buy couches that we wanted and not what was given to us.  It's a wonderful feeling.  I have a double recliner love seat and a couch that has end recliners.  I made sure the middle part that doesn't recline wasn't rock hard.  My mom has a couch that everyone hates the middle because of that.

I have 2 rabbits and a cat that are shedding miserably.  A brush doesn't really help.  I can get more out with my hands.  Cagney is a lop eared rabbit with long fur and desperately needs the matts under her combed out.  She's still skittish and I think I'm going to have her taken in to get them out.  A site said to get a pair of electric shears and shave them out.  I have one, but I can see her freaking out when if I tried to do it.  A wire brush just isn't getting under there.

Off to attempt to try a sock.  I'm going to cheat and make it a tube sock.