Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon Steelbook

Not quilting related at all, but if you are a Twilight fan you'll love this:
It's a Steelbook case just for "New Moon".  It's beautifully embossed and very nice.  I have the Blu-ray one but they have DVD ones.

It's over at Best Buy if you'd like one for your collection.  I had two guys fight over what they thought were only 3 copies on the shelf.  Turns out my Best Buy had about 30 of each when I went over to the cardboard displays and in the "N" section.  It was hilarious watching them grab at the copies since most men to seem to despise this series with a passion.  And, if they do like it, they just say they are buying it for their wives/girlfriends/daughters..LOL.

If you live in Canada, Futureshop has a much nicer cover.  It would be nice to have it, but I'll be happy with this.