Monday, March 29, 2010

Still Sore..Grrr.

Not much going on.  My back is still really sore so I'm breaking down and talking to the doc about physical therapy.

It's just so frustrating to not be able to do things.  I might be doing good for half a day and then do something to make it sore all over again.  I can't bend over the table to cut fabric.  I did it for the samples but paid for it later that night.

*Scratches Head* Something is up with DH.  He behaved himself in JoAnn Fabrics again.  Well, he was taken with the Halloween fabric that was next to the cutting table and kept "petting" the fabrics as they were sheer.  Also, he did march up to the cashier with my baby flannel and purple fabric, handed her the coupon and paid for it like he was the one using it.  She looked at him funny, but didn't say anything.  He's got this coupon thing mastered.

Wrestlemania was great.  We had a fun party with some friends and had a good time.

On the bunny side, Lacey seems to have calmed down some since being separated from the other two.  Today was she was licking me on my arm as a sign of grooming.  I'm loved again.  She's been a real pain lately and seeing her sort of back to normal is good.  However; she peed on my carpet..grrr.  Probably a sign of territory as the other bunnies were out earlier.  I need to buy another litterbox.