Thursday, September 30, 2010

Retarded Geese

I have retarded flying geese..LOL.  After playing with several methods that I found online, both machines are stretching the blocks via the bias putting them out of alignment.  They curve upwards, ripple, and the seam allowance is distorted.  I've never had this happen before.  It's so wierd.  I even tried putting a piece of paper under the fabric for stability.  If you have a cure for retarded geese, let me know.

I went back to the quilt stores and bought more fabric since paper piecing seems to be the only option.  Both owners adored the blocks and recommended paper piecing so the points are perfect.  

As for the cat solution, everyone has told me to get a second cat to keep him out of my hair.  The last thing I need is TWO of them into everything.  DH said NO which means that's the law at my house.



Grey Cat said...

Have you seen this tutorial?

I tend to use the two Speed Piecing Methods, with excellent results.

LoriLou said...

Lol. Your funny.

Leslie said...

FG are a challenge, but I avoid PP wherever possible. :) Here's a good illustrated tutorial on the method mentioned above. It works like a dream.

Vivian said...

My new personal favorite for Flying Geese is Eleanor Burns "triangle pieced square" method. It starts with two squares and ends with four flying geese. You can see a tutorial on the method here:

It can be squared up with a regular ruler but is even easier with hers. The (very big) downside of using her rulers is that you have to buy different sets (there are three) depending on the size finished geese you need. The plus side is Eleanor's techniques always involve making a slightly larger pieced unit and trimming it down to the perfect unfinished size which makes piecing them together fool-proof.

I had been reluctant to buy the rulers until I made a strippy quilt with columns of flying geese earlier this year. After that I was hooked. Worth checking them out.

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