Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bear Paws and Lamb

I did get out yesterday.  Remember the fiasco with my phone GPS that actually works on a previous post on finding the quilt store?  There's this awesome gyro place next door and I wanted another.  You are truly out of your mind and delirious when you want to trave an hour just for a gyro while you are sick.

The owner remembered who I was and was so pleased that we had traveled so far just to eat at his shop.  While waiting for our meal to arrive, my teenage DD wanted to know what meat we were eating.  DH told her it was lamb.

Her eyes got all wide, her jaw dropped and she said, "How could anyone kill a baby sheep?" in an indignant voice.  "That's horrible!"

DH said, "You've eaten a gyro before in Ohio.  You've already eaten a baby sheep".  DD gave him a dirty look and I told her, "It's okay.  There are plenty of baby sheep that live".

She responded with, "NOT this one".

I halfway figured she'd suddenly go vegan on me, but she did eat the gyro.  The whole time, my other DD kept saying, " are eating me....Baaaa...".  We were dying of laughter but with all of us being sick, it really helped.

We went next door and looked around the store.  This time I wasn't frustrated at being led up/down the street for 20 minutes and enjoyed looking around.  I looked up at the wall and saw all the classes being offered.  Two were on fusible and machine applique.  I so wanted to take the classes but they were in the evening and with an hour drive up/back and the time of classes made it impossible.  Sigh.

I did end up buying this kit.  It finishes at 16x16 inches.  The sample was beautiful and I couldn't resist.  Blue and cream/white are my weaknesses.  It is paper pieced and the patterns are SO little.  I'll put this away for now.

You can't beat bear paws and lamb.  Makes for good quilting and eating.


Barb said...

I loved your story and your pattern you chose.

Cindy said...

Oh I can't wait to see when you start this kit, I just love the bears paw and am thinking of starting one soon. I love the story about eating out with the family.