Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I've spent all day working on block one of "My Tweets".  I really wanted the edges turned under but I'm about to start pulling my hair out.  It's not that it's hard.  It's just SO time consuming.  I don't want to hand applique and when I started doing Harriet Hargrave's blind stitch version I wasn't impressed.  I don't want the heaviness of a blanket stitch and since I turned the edges over, I don't want to satin stitch.

Here's what I've glue basted right now (except for the body and wings):

It's really pretty and I love the look.  It's just finding the right way to stitch it down.  I thought about waiting until the top is ready and do a straight stitch around the pieces that would both quilt and make a decorative stitch.  I just don't know if the glue basting would stay for that long.

I guess I could just "cheat" and use fusible webbing.  


Linda said...

Harriet Hargrave also does an invisible hem stitch for applique. It's very attractive. I use an invisible thread, but you could match the colors of the applique. You shorten the length of your invisible hem stitch and shorten the "bite" of the zig over. It really is pretty invisible!
Lurking Linda