Thursday, February 17, 2011

Both "My Tweets" Blocks Done!

It's done.  Two blocks are fused and ready to finish the edges of the designs.  I have never worked so hard on a quilt before.  Tomorrow block two comes in and I'll work on that.  I'm going to start having nightmares of peacocks and flowers after this.

I started satin stitching block one.  I don't know.  At this point, I say just do the stupid satin stitching had have done with it.  I have tried dozens of decorative stitches via two machines but nothing works out around the edges neatly.  Invisible thread just makes a mess.  A small zigzag eats the edges of the design.

Do I rip out the dark thread around the light leaves?  I couldn't find a light green that worked.  If I wanted to cheat, I could use one blue on the birds instead of outlining each color fabric.

Once again, I'm making this much harder than I should.  I'm walking away for now.  


bettyp said...

Beth ,I would use the blind hem stitch.A LOt machine appliquers say to use that stitch and I have had it to work out good for me .Where did you get the pattern from? I love it !!!

bettyp said...

Also you need to have stablizer in the back of your block and the stitch won't 'Eat' the fabric .....