Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Block Two of "My Tweets"

Please Lysol your computer screen before you read my post as everyone at my house is sick.  DH has bronchitis, DD has a cough,  DD2 has lost her voice, DS is getting sick and I feel like I've been run over by a train.  I'm glad I made DH go to the doctor today to get his cough checked out.  Men do NOT like doctors.

I actually had most of block two of "My Tweets" cut out before I started feeling crappy and after a shot of Dayquil earlier, I managed to fuse the pieces down:

I love it.  This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.  Now that I have the colors figured out, I just have to trace the pieces and fuse it down.  I am going to be sick of GREEN thread by the time this quilt is done though.  


Fiesta said...

Bethany it is stunning.

Barb said...

I so hope everyone gets better soon....love your block!

Sandra said...

The block is beautiful! Although you feel physically bad now, hopefully you feel better mentally since the color decisions turned out to be the right ones.