Saturday, February 26, 2011


Keep Lysoling your computer screen.  We all have bronchitis.  It's so hard hearing your kids cough at night.  DH has been off work for a week.  I tried to do some satin stitching around my blocks, but I just don't care about it right now.

At the same time, I have severe cabin fever.  If I stay in this house one more day I'm going to lose more of my mind.  I was excited just to get out the snow blower and do the driveway yesterday.  That's bad.

I hate fusible webbing.  The pieces are coming off my blocks.  I've used every brand out there over the years and they hate me.  Maybe I should just start over with backbasting applique.  It would take forever to get it done, but at least the pieces would stay on the background fabric.

Crawling off into somewhere outside.  I have Dayquil and I know how to use it.  


Barb said...

Spraying my screen right get better soon!

bettyp said...

Bethany,when I did the lil train baby quilt as I would work on it the fusing would ten to come off too but I would just iron it down again . Your doing great ! Just keep at it girl!!
Hope your family gets better soon ,we all had the Crudd too..