Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What Three Things Would You Bring?

My daughter has been studying the Holocaust and today her homework was to ask what three things we would take with us and what would be hard to leave behind if we had to go into hiding.  She told us food and water would be provided.

With a straight face, DH said he'd bring clean underwear, toilet paper and an assault rifle.  When my daughter finished laughing, she asked why he'd have a rifle.  His response was that if he needed something, they'd give it to him.

When asked what would be hard to leave behind he said a working toilet.

My response was bringing my scriptures, my photo album and pen and paper.  The scriptures for comfort, the album for memories and the writing supplies for journaling the upcoming events.  Oh.  I was going to sneak a tarp in with the photo album for a tent or a flag claiming sentimental value.

I'd have a hard time leaving behind modern electronics.

I started physical therapy with my back today.  Doing pelvic tilts the physical therapy way is much harder.  He had my stand on some sort of squishy pad and hold my balance on one foot.  That was a complete disaster.

I am almost done with block one of "My Tweets"!  I had to order fabric for the wings and still have a few leaves left.  I went with yellow instead of the orange because the flowers didn't look like pumpkins.

I have most of the center panel ready to go and will get as much done as I can tomorrow.  Now that I have a color scheme, the rest of these blocks will be pretty easy.  The next part is the machine applique.  I have some ideas and i hope one of them works.


Fiesta said...

Bethany it looks beutiful. I redid my flower and as soon I can get it pressed I will post a pic. I have not ordered my center block. do you know if it comes in the mail or if its a pdf file?

Barb said...

Oh...this block is going to look absoutely amazing...great job.

I would bring a sweater (always cold), wet wipes because I like to be clean, and an ocean scene to remember the beauty in the world.

Karla Hartzog said...

Hey Bethany! Thanks for trying my suggestion! I was really flattered! I like this block with the deep yellow best, too. Your "Tweets" is going to be stunning!

I'm glad the doctor(s) helped!