Monday, November 14, 2011

Cardinal Quilt

Argh.  The tape kept coming off the wall and I needed a better view for the blocks so I laid everything out on the floor.  A much better view and it's been easier to put my blocks where I want.  The cats haven't destroyed it and I'm leaving it until morning to put the rest together.  Hopefully I can start sewing blocks and maybe even rows.

I'm really liking how this is turning out.


I got quite the scare this morning when I picked up my bike to put it on the stand and the wheel fell out as it hadn't been tightened in right .  That explains the "thunk" I heard yesterday about 6 miles outside of town.  I'm lucky I didn't crash.  I don't how the bike made it home on the rack w/o losing that tire when DH came to pick me up.

I called up the store and brought the bike up for a check since I couldn't get the gearing to work right.  I had my fingers crossed I hadn't bent the rim or frame.  The guy had to true up the tire (make sure the spokes are in place/tension so the tire spins correctly), bend the bottom part of the frame where the tire sits back into place and we spent about 30 minutes figuring out why the chain doesn't move up/down the cassette (where the smaller gears are in the back).  Turns out there's a tension setting on the bar-end shifter that needed tweaking.

Between the bar-end tension and the bottom tension settings, my bike rides beautifully.  And I only thought tension problems existed with sewing machines.  LOL.  Bike cables stretch as you use them.

BTW, if I have my bike terminology off, I make no apologies.  It took me years to get it right for quilting.   

Note to self:

Always check your bike over before going out and don't forget the cell phone.  You got lucky one of your friend's house is 8 miles away to call DH.  


Anonymous said...

Why are you not using the back off a pick-nick table cloth, to put your quilt pieces on.You can hang that on a wall.
Happy quilting