Saturday, November 05, 2011

Maybe this post can be a true "First Mountain Bike Ride".  I was talking with my LBS and he metioned a couple of bike trails near Omaha.  Once again, determined to do a real trail before it gets cold, I call up DH and tell him I'm picking him up to take me there.

WOW and WOW when we got there.  We started riding and immediately I fell in love.  The hills, the turns, the descents, dodging trees and being with DH was amazing.  He did awesome for being a part-time weekend warrior despite his protests of thinking he's in the way.

My 29er did beautifully on the trail.  She handled everything that was in her path.  I LOVE this bike.

Go to your local mountain bike park and try out a trail.  Don't worry about feeling inexperienced.  We actually did an "easy" trail which was still challenging, but SO much fun.

I'm in least until I hit a tree which brings me back to reality.

Sorry there are no pics.  We only had about a 1/2 hour to ride before it got dark.  Another time I'll find a way to go during the day and explore more.  You really don't want to go by yourself.