Thursday, November 10, 2011

A couple of people were asking why I don't like my Accuquilt cutter, so thought I'd answer.

It's really an ingenious idea and truly has revolutionized the quilting world, but it does nothing for people who don't need dies.  Most of my applique is complicated and right now it's "My Tweets" and there isn't a die for that.  The cardinal quilt has 1.75 inch strips and there's no die for that either.

I bought mine hoping to do my nine patch quilt where each square finishes at 1 inch.  Just cut the strips at 1.5, turn the strip around on the Sharpie lines and cut squares.  Umm.  No.  I broke my first one and put nicks in the 1.5 inch die.  Accuquilt was fabulous about fixing the whole problem and sent me a new one and die.

After you cut the 1.5 inch strips, they would stick to the mat or die and fold open making it a pain to put back on to cut squares.  I got tired of refolding strips and it was just easier to use my June Taylor strip cutter.  Flip the ruler to the side, and it cut squares.  No moving of fabric.  Mine is 12x18 making it even faster.

I realized that Accuquilt made a die with 1.5 inch squares on it.  The first one didn't stick to the back of the die and was very kindly replaced.  The die only has six squares and every time I used it, they weren't square.  Even if they were square, it would take forever to cut out enough squares with only six on the die.  I have no room for the Studio version and wasn't going to pay that much just for squares.

I fell in love with the Rose of Sharon blocks from EQ and bought the book and die.  I don't like raw edges for fusible applique and I never get the stupid fusible to work anyway.  That's user error, not the fusible webbing.  I know I'll never get around to it.

While working on "My Tweets" someone had used their electronic paper cutter and software to make freezer paper templates.  That's what I want.  The ability to cut freezer paper templates of anything I desire.  Long story short, within minutes my Cricut can draw or cut out any design I want via my software.  If I need something larger, I have my 18 inch killer duty Cougar cutter.  You can no long use a Cricut and software together.  Provo Craft threw a tantrum and sued the software companies.  You would have to find another cutter so don't go out and buy a Cricut if you want to try this.

This was done on my Cougar Cutter as a test for intricacy.  It's one of EQ's blocks and done 4 times to make one square.  The last part didn't get cut right due to user error, but you can see how it did.  If I wanted to just make one large block for applique, it could easily cut out templates.

What I haven't been able to do is cut fabric with them yet, but haven't really sat down and tried.  It's a stability issue which is why Accuquilt has the top part that goes over the fabric and protects the die.  I'm just happy to have both draw out on freezer paper the custom templates I need.


Barb said...

I must say it was definitely interesting to see all of the fun cutters you have. I can also see your point. Everyone is different...and well....I want to come and play in your room, lots of fun toys.