Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stupid back.  It's aching really bad.  That's what I get for loading up my Fargo onto the rack and putting my Trek Y-11 into the back of the car since it won't fit on the rack.  I'm so excited though!  My Y-11 now has a beautiful view to the outside world as a collector's piece in the shop window instead of being in my garage.  She's still mine, but she'll get more attention at the shop.

My Fargo got an adjustment and is back home waiting for a ride.

I thought I could get more done on my cardinal quilt, but my back finally protested enough to stop.  It's a mess up on the wall, but it really is organized chaos.

The top 4 corners will have the sparrows with the cardinals in the center.  The flowers will be centered around/between the birds.  Masking tape doesn't stick very well as you can see and two cats don't help when they pull at the bottom pieces.

Completely off topic:

If you got this far, I could use some help with tactfully dealing with 4-5 ladies that ruin every time I go to church.  You know the ones.  Usually older ladies that seem to think they are more important than they are and probably without realizing it, disrupt the lessons by their comments.  They are in every organization possible.

I come to church to listen quietly to the lesson and enjoy it.  Last week I'd had enough and it hit me why I'm pretty much inactive in my ward.  It's those ladies.  The sacredness of every lesson is ruined.  When your ward is very small you can't get away from them.

We were talking about keeping yourself unspotted from the world and one lady starts in on how TV is unrighteous and all the shows are evil.  I wanted to answer back with, "Why do you have a TV then?" but I didn't.

Another lady tells us that the commercials are just as bad.  I couldn't resist, "Umm.  Get a  a DVR.  I don't even have to deal with commercials".

Then another goes on about the computer and I almost walked out.  Then Brother "Cough and Hack It Up" decides to have 3 minute attack which doesn't help.  Why can't these people realize it's so gross to listen to and leave for a couple of minutes?

After the lesson, I'd had enough and left to go home.  I quit going to Relief Society years ago after a terrible discussion with these ladies demeaning anyone who was on government assistance.  I have been on government assistance at one time or another and was so disgusted I've never gone back.

It doesn't help that one of the ladies is the teacher and they egg each other on.

Is this normal for other wards if you are LDS?  Or if you are part of another church?

Any solutions?  The ones I've thought of aren't really very nice and the ones that are would still be hard to say publicly in a class.  I just want to go to church and enjoy the day.  Most of the time I hide under the covers and wish Sunday would just go away.


Anita Estes said...

I'm not in a ward or anything but it seems to me a simple question or two put to the ladies might change their thoughts? For example:

When the ladies complain about the internet. Look at them and say, "That's a wonderful idea. Since the internet (computers) are so bad; how will you make it better? How will you ladies use the internet for a ministry and when will you start?"

As for myself, I find more faith and inspiration on the internet than I ever did in a church. I need only look at blogs showing starving children in Africa or a blog about a life threatening illness of a single mother with 5 children to find a lot of blessings within my own life.

When the ladies talk about TV commercials; turn to them and ask how will they start raising money to produce and air a commercial about having faith in these difficult times? And when will they start?

In other words, think of questions that gently turn the tables on the ladies. Preferably questions that indicate they should volunteer their time and money to improve whatever it is they are complaining about.

Think carefully before you speak because it can be taken the wrong way. "Speak very little but let what you do say have big influence." (me)

I don't make these suggestions in a bad or vindictive way.... only in a way that says you should somehow turn the ladies attitude from one of extreme pessimism into one of enthusiasm for change.

Barb said...

I am sorry that this is going on, sure does make it uncomfortable for everyone. I know the ladies you are talking about, they are always in every ward, every city, in everyone's life, even outside of church.

Try not to let them get to you and just go and be where you need to be.