Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I think I should legally change my name to perpetually frustrated because that's all I am.  It never goes away and never gets easier.  There isn't any medication.  Well, some people could debate that, but I'd rather have legal drugs and even those suck the life out of you.   There isn't a support group.  Banging your head against a wall hurts.  People hide when they see you coming.  Throwing the item(s) that make you frustrated only means holes in your walls or a broken window and voids your warranties.  Thankfully I know that and only mentally toss stuff through the window.

Yup.  Being bipolar sucks and I hate having it.  You do indeed live with being perpetually frustrated.  Nothing is easy and everything sets you off.

The good news is that I'm actually LOVING the holidays.  Normally I want to hibernate this time of the year, but for some reason, I'm so excited it's killing me.  I even hit Black Friday.  Oh, not at 3am.  That's when the crazy people are out and those people are dangerous.  DH and I went late afternoon.  We hit JoAnn Fabrics and Best Buy.

JoAnn was having some killer sales that I didn't know about.  Wait for it...I picked up..gasp..a Sizzix BigKick.   Okay..40% off was a huge deal maker and I've wanted to try one to compare it to the Go! cutter.

Err...now what do I do with it?  If ya'll know how to find some dies (JoAnn's had been picked clean) let me know.  Yeah.  It was pure impulse.  Dang Black Friday.   I got several scrapbook paper packs half off for a couple of projects and was glad I wasn't buying fabric.  The cutting line was wrapped around the store.

So..what did I do with scrapbook paper?  Check these out:

Blue and silver are my favorite Christmas colors.  My girls and I made the tree using 4x1.5 inch strips going around a styrofoam cone.  It's itty bitty, only 9 inches high.  It was SO much fun to do this with them.  It really needs a silver star of some kind on the top.  Any ideas?  A pin with a star on it would be perfect.

The other tree was made using my Cricut.  It opens up as a box.  I've discovered I suck at using glue.  My daughters were laughing so hard as I was furious that sections kept coming apart.  I'd finally get one section done to have the rest come undone as I went around the tree.  I hate glue.  Within a few minutes they had the tree put together after I'd spent 20 minutes trying to make the sections stick.

So, why am I so frustrated?

I've spent all weekend trying to get my Blackcat Cougar paper cutter up and running.  It kept sliding the blade across the papers leaving cut marks everywhere.  I couldn't get the blade holders to work.  Then it stopped working altogether.

I installed a trial of Parallels to run my MTC software via the Mac side so I didn't have to boot over.  Of course that's been a pain all weekend.  Windows keeps protesting that it needs activated.  Then it made for needing to install drivers that the computer kept insisting that weren't there.  Now I'm worried I'll lose XP for activating it and lose all my stuff.  Yes, it's backed up, but the thought of having to reinstall everything makes me sick if I have to buy a new operating system.  I hate Windows so much and wish more programs ran on Mac computers.  Dang it, you sewing machine companies, Electric Quilt, Embird,
Make the Cut and other software companies need to get with the times and make your programs work on a Mac.

I've spent all weekend wanting to kill software programs, Windows, and my Cougar Cutter.  I'm about tempted to sell the Cougar cutter.  It works, it's the stupid operator that is dumb.

I think I'm going to uninstall Parallels and gripe about booting over.  It's easier that way.