Monday, November 07, 2011

Random Thoughts?

I have been piecing today.  It's been cold and rainy and to keep my mind off those bikes I want, I started working on the cardinal quilt.  It's not working.

I hate random piecing and quilting.  I don't like same fabric pieces touching and it drives me nuts trying to piece and place blocks randomly.  Grrr.

But, here's one layout of this quilt:

Deep down, it really doesn't matter, but sewing and quilting random blocks drives me crazy.  Which is probably why I haven't had this done that fast.  I just need to get over it.


Yup.  I've done my best to forget about bikes today, but it isn't happening.  Stupid Salsa Fargo.  Why didn't I find you when I was looking earlier?  Oh yeah, cause I didn't know what I wanted.  Duh.

I got thinking about what I liked so much about the Fargo and it was the seat post, the shifters and the  handlebars.  If I can't afford the bike, I figured I could get those parts and change my bike around.

Of course it's NOT that easy after I talked to my LBS mechanic.  The handlebars won't fit on my mountain bike and the fancy shifter setup would cost me at least 400 bucks.  I thought about putting the fancy shifters on my Madone but right now I'm not sure I want to put that much money on the bike.

I can put the fancy seat post on my mountain bike.  When I looked it up, it's called a Thudbuster and instead of the suspension going up/down which hurts me, it slides back and forth.

The more I thought about things I realized I wanted that flared handlebar as well.  The mechanic said I could put it on my Madone.  Of course that would be blasphemy to the road cyclists out there.  It's a good thing there aren't any down where I live.  Not that I care.  It's my bike and I can do it the way I want.  I ordered the bars and I hope to see them on Friday.

BTW, here's DH on the recumbent bike he was looking at:

We both tried it out and while lots of fun, not even remotely useful in rural Nebraska.  Hills would take hours to climb.  We got lots of looks though.  It's a Catrike Trail model he's riding.


Rhonda said...

Bethany, I love your random block quilt. I think it looks great!!!

Barb said...

Your quilt looks how it looks!!