Friday, November 11, 2011

I was bad.  Really bad because I didn't tell DH first, but she's incredible.  She's a 2012 Salsa Fargo.  She's an all steel mountain bike with 29inch wheels, with road bike handlebars and bar end shifters.

When you go into a bike store, no one asks what are the road conditions in your area to help select a bike.  I never thought about it until now when I realized I was spending all summer trying to avoid rocks and being blown over by semi trucks on my Madone.  I never really felt "safe".  The rural roads out here are not meant for a racing bike and I wish I had understood that before buying it.

The other thing that peeved me was last week I looked online at my Madone and realized Trek had dropped the price to 2000 bucks and I paid far more for it.  If you want a 2011 Madone 4.7, get it now as you'll save nearly 700 dollars.  I wanted to puke right there.  I LOVE my Madone, it's just not meant to be ridden down pothole riddled roads.

This bike was amazing going down the road.  The mountain bike tires go over anything, the road bike frame and drop bars make it like a road bike, the softness of steel and it's a rush.  I wish I had found this first.

I'm going to sell my Trek 1.2, my Specialized Sirrus and maybe my Trek Y-11 on Craigslist.  They need much better homes.  I'm also considering selling my Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 870.  She's sat in a box for several years.  I'm getting her tuned up and hope to have her back next week. 


Quiltingranny said...

Oh make some valid points I never thought about road conditions. Just wanted to let you know sweety...I enjoy your blog so much!