Saturday, May 02, 2009

"Aquamarine Ambience" Block One Test

This is for ytsmom as you don't have your blog settings set so that I can reply.  I got my Janome 6600 table from Ken's Sewing and Vacuum Center off of Ebay.  I believe you can get the table from OK Sew And Vac in Omaha as they sell Janome machines.  If they don't have one in stock, they can order you one.  Or check with Ken and see if he'll send you one.

And yes, it will hold a Bernina but it won't fit into the table.  You'll have to get a board to put over the opening as I've done for my Topaz. I put rubber mats under the board so it doesn't move.  

Block One Stitch Out Test

My first block has been a test block to see how things stitch out.  LOL.  I have ripples in the block as I obviously haven't mastered stabilizing for this block.  
From Embroidery Designs
Here's a close up shot:

From Embroidery Designs
I ran into another problem.  Color.  My second green is driving me crazy.  I love the yellow-green and the aqua green but but I tried 2 other greens with some mixed reviews.  The circles in the center are done in Hemingworth's Caribbean Green.  It's very bright even if it doesn't show that way in the picture.  The green in the left motif is Hemingworth's Wintergreen.  It looks darker on the spool but comes out gray green on the fabric.  

I'm heading up to Omaha next week to check out some other colors.