Wednesday, May 06, 2009

"Vintage Garden" Book

I just did it.  I bought Jenny Haskins book, "Vintage Gardens" and the fusible fleece for the "Aquamarine Ambience".  I refuse to buy 300 dollars or more worth of silk duponi though.  That's just plain ridiculous.  I just know that I will want to do the quilt someday and won't be able to get the book.  Of course, now that I bought the book, it won't go out of print..LOL.

No more quilts for now.  This is getting way too expensive especially as this fusible fleece stuff is over priced big time.  I haven't used it before, so I'll see how good it really is since everyone raves about it.  It's not the same stuff as fusible batting.

I'm still trying to decide if this FaceBook thing is worth it.  What I don't like is that when someone joins something I get a notice on the left side and I can't take it off.  Some of it I really don't want to know that you've joined up.   Although I have mega crushed my sister's score on the Bejeweled game.  I have high score of 147, 900 for playing the one minute version.  I noticed no one else has challenged me  LOL. 

I'm wondering if I should do a movie on how I sew on the 6600 and see if someone smarter than me can figure out why I can't sew on it.