Friday, May 01, 2009

Attempts At A Purse

I got brave and made a purse.  Several days later, lots of curse words I didn't know I knew, ripping out most of the seams and trying to read directions I finally have it done.  To be fair, the directions were just fine.  Great directions.  I just don't know enough about putting a purse together to really get it.

Purse is from the site Made By Rae
From Quilted with Love
I tried to add a decorative stitch on the pink fabric several times, but my 6600 ate two of them. My MIL and I spent several hours trying out decorative stitches on the Topaz and I was halfway through one we picked out when I realized I'd gone off the line.  Sigh. 

I bought magnets and attempted to put those in as that was what the directions said.  Back of the package said something about cutting slits, and bending over the prongs.  However; this doesn't seem very stabilizing.  Hmm.  I put them in too high and couldn't stitch the lining in right. Take out the magnets and put them lower.  One is now higher than the other and forget trying to pull them apart  LOL! 

Pic with magnets:

From Quilted with Love
I had to rip out the lining several..err many times and there's an open slit in there as no one said how to close that back up.  No one said how to put straps on either.  This one purse I wouldn't even give to a friend..LOL.   

However;  I am quite pleased with myself since I finished it.  I love the purse design with the pleats and the size is fantastic.    

If I was better with my embroidery editing software, I'd add some embroidery designs.  


free indeed said...

It is very your fabric choices and you had a great idea with the decrative stitching..too bad it didn't work out, that would have dressed it up a notch. Good for you for sticking with it. I've made a few purses myself and I'm lousey (how do you spell that anyway?) at embellishing to give a good purse great looks.