Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attempting Hardanger Embroidery

Since I've been stuck to lying around, I've been trying to learn how to do Hardanger Embroidery after wanting to do the purse in the magazine I found.  I finally found a tutorial online but I'm still lost.   The tutorial had you do it another color to see what you were doing.   I got this far:
From Embroidery Designs
I am proud of myself that I cut the threads without messing up the satin stitching.  I also pulled out the right threads to create the gridwork.  Woo Hoo!   I don't have the inside weaving done, but I'm stuck on the closed squares in the center.  The tutorial said nothing about them and I can't find a close up of any embroidery to get a good look.

For the most part it's pretty easy if you can count to five and can cut the right threads.  I still can't figure out how to read the charts.  You'd think I'd have figured that out.  I'm not sure where you enter in and out of and the charts appear to read as if one line is two threads in the directions.    

I found some more free embroidery designs that I'll use for another biscornu.  I'm so upset I can't find the one I made.  It's so beautiful and the designer was so kind to make it available as a free design.  One of the designs I'll try came from this site

From Embroidery Designs
This one came from

From Embroidery Designs
I'm going to Hancock Fabric tomorrow for a class and will pick up some thread there.  I really need to bind my horse quilt but don't dare attempt to bend over to cut strips or mess with the ironing board right now.