Thursday, May 14, 2009

Evening Gowns And Purses

I went to Hancock Fabric in Lincoln yesterday to check out supplies for the purse I fell in love with.   After all, how hard could it be?  I've done some cross stitch.  Little projects, but I figure I have enough experience now.  Just follow the paper pattern and it works.   
From Quilted with Love
I go through the list.  Red-black shot Chiffon.  I know that's a fabric.  Poplin?  That's a fabric too.   No. 5 Perle cotton.  8 Perle cotton.  That's gotta be for the hand stitching.  DMC has the numbers listed so I grab some white and cream.  At least if I change my mind I'm covered.  

One thing I do know is Hancock isn't about to have those kind of beads that are listed.  Those will have to be special ordered.  If I even get that far.  

Nice lady helps me find the Chiffon.  OHH..this is sheer fabric.  Pretty fabric though and would make a stunning evening gown.  I have visions of me in a beautiful red evening gown gliding around a ballroom like a princess with a handsome prince... The nice lady interrupts the ball and I come back to reality when she asks if I need anything else.  Sigh.
How in the world did this lady work with this stuff?  I have visions of it fraying, sliding and being a huge mess.  I'm NOT that skilled.  I can at least admit that.  Forget the poplin then.  I have green fabric linen at home.  That will make a nice purse.  

If I understand the directions, you put the cross stitch linen under the fabric and do the stitching.  No biggie.  It's not the design that has me confused, it's the how it's stitched.  It's a satin stitch star and I don't know if the pattern is full size or not as it doesn't say.  If it's satin stitched then how do you work with the evenweave behind it?  The grid didn't make sense either.  Is it like when I did the cross stitch and count over two to make one unit?  

The magazine was at least kind enough to show how to do the stitches in the middle of the magazine and when I played with it, they are beautiful.  Maybe I should just fudge the star thing.

I figured I could really cheat and just machine embroider the top but can't find anything wide enough to fit.  Right now the project is on hold. But it will get done.  Even if it gets simplified.


Lynn said...

That is a pretty purse - see how you were attracted to it.