Friday, May 08, 2009

Don't Mess With A Quilter

My Aurifil thread card came today! Now it will be much easier to find the colors I want. 

From Quilted with Love

I also found out why finding Jenny Haskin's fusible fleece is impossible to find as the factory she uses has shut down.  I wish websites would just say that.  While in a fabric store today I bought some Pellon fusible fleece to try out.  Apparently the store used to carry Jenny's but it was so expensive they refused to buy it anymore.  Maybe that's why the factory shut down??

I stopped in the Viking dealer to see if my embroidery case had come in as I was in town.  Nope he said crankily.  What it is with dealers being so cranky?  I was even nice today.  

Oh.  I was talking with a friend about being home alone at night.  I told her:
"Don't mess with a quilter.  I have 10 pairs of scissors, 3 rotary cutters, boxes of pins/needles, masking tape and a 38 lb sewing machine.  I'm not worried".