Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fireworks Anyone?

It's been an ummm... beyond crazy couple of days.  My sister eloped yesterday and caused a huge explosion of fireworks.  Since I live 13 hours away I missed most of it.  I spent yesterday helping my husband's family as some things came up while my parents dealt with the aftershock of it all.  I'm hoping things have calmed down some between both families. 

 I hope that her and her husband are very happy together.  He has a daughter that I know of and my sister has 3 kids.  The funniest part is that his last name is very similar to mine. His is Frederick and I'm Frerichs.  That's gonna mess up whomever does genealogy a hundred years from now.  It's going to mess up everyone in this time period too.

My book, "Vintage Garden" came and I spent some time looking through the designs and the quilt.  I'm thinking of doing mine in blues and yellows.  However; some rich reds would look lovely too.   
From Quilted with Love
I got my magazine today for the purse I fell in love with.  I don't know anything about the kind of embroidery on the purse, but it's stunning.   The hardest part seems to be the design.  The magazine had several beautiful projects.
From Quilted with Love
I've been quilting my horse as well.  I'm getting closer to getting done.