Monday, May 04, 2009

Roses On Dish Towels?

I have a facebook account after some prodding by a good friend.  Didn't know I knew 9 people..LOL.  At the same time it's great to talk to my 15 year old sister as I don't see her much. She's got her license now (needs an adult present) so stay off the roads.  

I decided to test out a rose design that I bought from Emblibrary today.  If I had hand towels I would have done it on one, but all I have are dish towels.   I must go buy hand towels after this as it came out stunningly beautiful with the pinks.
From Embroidery Designs
WOW.  I have a whole set of these.  Must go buy towels.  Anyone willing to drive me to Wallyworld?  Their towels are actually really nice.