Sunday, February 28, 2010

Modest Clothing Anyone?

Does anyone know where to get girl's dresses/skirts that are modest? I can't believe out all the stores I've been too, there is nothing that works. Everything is sleeveless and too short..above the knees. Or there are no dresses/skirts in the departments...go figure.

I tried making some skirts and they came out disasterous.

Maybe I need to take a trip to Utah. They've got to have some.


Cathy said...

Check out They have some great patterns. The SewBaby branded patterns are usually very simple with few pieces and very clear directions.
I have used the Twirly Skirt/Dress pattern several times for my daughter as well as some of my nieces & cousins. If the length isn't quite as long as you want it you could add lace. I LOVE the fact that it uses a regular t-shirt for the bodice if you want. I have also made matching bloomers/diaper covers to go under the dresses from some of their other patterns.
I have also been buying t-shirts in the boys' department for years. I can add cute embellishments to the fronts or pockets to "girly" them up if I need to. I have a serger and have used the rolled hem stitch to put a lettuce edge on the hems as well.
I hate most of the fashions they have for little girls right now. I don't dress my child in floor-length wool with starched lace collars, but I certainly don't want her looking like a 3 year-old prostitute either.

Michele said...

Maybe Eddie Bauer or LL Bean or that other one whose name I can never remember that has space in Sears now?

Trish said...

Try online. Search on modest clothes for young girls or something similiar, there are quite a few places that specialize in it.

Andrea, Maria & James said...

There are several online sites for modest clothing. I have been researching this for years, I am a fashion designer and launching my own line of dresses and all will be modest...shoulders covered, knee length,etc. I'm not selling retail yet, but here is the page of my biz site if you want to know more. also my Etsy store is BEst of luck on your current clothing search!

Lyn said...

Here is a place we like: Very nice dresses & skirts for little girls. They also have a website with some of their patterns: