Friday, April 03, 2009

Construction Update

I told the construction guys I loved them today.  Really.  I did.  They started laughing but I was almost in tears of pure happiness.  They have turned my house into a mansion.

They got the railing up on the front porch and installed one of the egress windows needed to meet building codes.  They will put the other one in next week.  

I have a real family room instead of the "dungeon" with the egress window.  With the room completely walled up and a beautiful window in, I want to claim it as my sewing room.  You all get's MINE now.  

I've also learned that building codes in 1962 were really pathetic.  It's amazing the cinderblocks haven't fallen in as there's almost nothing holding them together.  No wonder 3/4 of the houses have cracked basement walls.  

I take my Topaz in tomorrow..providing it's not's snowing in Omaha.