Sunday, April 12, 2009

Owning More Than One Machine?

Does anyone else feel terribly guilty for owning more than one machine?  I'm going through a terrible bout of guilt.  I've never owned 4 machines in my entire life and I've been feeling sick over it.  I feel selfish and greedy.  I hadn't planned on owning more than one.  It just sorta happened that way.

My very first machine was a Singer that my mom had purchased for my birthday almost 8 years ago.  It was good for piecing but couldn't quilt to save it's life.  Hubby bought me a Janone Quilter's Edition 6260 and it worked for awhile until I read Harriet Hargrave's book on machine quilting.  Being so new to quilting, she made me feel like if I didn't own a very expensive machine with bells and whistles that I wasn't truly a quilter.

So I talked hubby into buying a used Bernina 1630.  I had never used a machine with 9mm feed dogs and couldn't get to Bernina classes as they were held during the day when my kids were in school and hubby was sleeping.  The classes were only held at certain times and there were no private lessons.  Not driving really sucks for classes.  Somehow I nicked the bobbin casing and was so frustrated I traded the machine up for an Aurora 440.  The problem was I couldn't afford the machine.  I fell for the "interest free" Bernina card.  The lady's eyes about popped out of her head when she realized I had the TOL limit on their card.  I realized later that if I didn't have the machine paid off within the time frame the interest would be charged from the beginning.  At 28% interest I was going to be financially impaired.  I sold the machine on Ebay.  NEVER buy a machine on store credit.  If you have to use a card, use your own.

Still listening to Harriet's advice, I kept wanting the "dream machine" she said I needed.  My LQS was having a local sewing machine store bring down Janomes and they talked me into buying the Janome 6600.  I wasn't that impressed with the machine but still very much a novice with machines I bought it anyway.  I've never truly liked the machine as I couldn't get it to accurately hold a 1/4 in seam allowance without the fabric sliding to the left.  No one I know was having this problem and the dealer said the machine was just fine.  I've put up with the 6600 for 3 years wanting to love it, but just couldn't. 

I bought the Janome 350e when I saw a beautiful embroidered quilt.  I bought the machine without even testing it and it's been a great machine.  I had no idea I would outgrow it so fast.

When a friend suggested the Viking line of machines, I fell in love with the Sapphire 870.  For the first time since starting to quilt, I found the machine of my dreams.  Then I realized that I needed a bigger embroidery machine and was able to purchase the Topaz.  Amazingly hubby said to keep the Sapphire as I was just going to trade up.  

That brings me to now with 4 machines and 3 of the are in storage as I don't have a place to put them upstairs.  However; each machine has its good points.  The Sapphire is perfect for piecing and has fabulous decorative stitches.  The Topaz does amazing embroidery designs.  I pulled out my 6600 today as it quilts with ease.  The 350e is perfect for embroidering small items.

I've bonded more with my 6600 for its quilting abilities today as I've been topstitching my quilt.   This truly is a fabulous machine now that I'm not mad at it for not piecing right.   

I feel SO much better after bringing this up.  Still feeling guilty, but knowing now that I have a bond with each of them at really helps.  They aren't wasting away, but used as needed.  


Linda R said...

Don't feel too bad. I have 9 machines but some are just for show. I love my Janomes and don't use the Singers except the Featherweight. I have a 300E embroidery machine and it's great.

Enjoy your machines.

Amelia said...

Use each one for the purpose that serves you best. Just be creative and happy.

Jennifer said...

I am in the same boat as you are...4 machines! And last year at this time, I only owned two and actually didn't have any plans to buy more, but I fell in love with the 6600 and then got a great deal on a midarm HQ16 that I really couldn't pass I am juggling between them now! Glad to hear that you're getting along with the 6600 for quilting..I think it is a great machine for this.

Gayle Bong said...

It is too bad so many of us feel that guilt. When I got my Lenni longarm I kept telling everyone that it was my "boat". Get over the guilt and get sewing girl. But most of all, have fun!

Sexy Sadie said...

Why should you feel sorry?

It is not that you stole one of them.

Kisses and hugs from Norway!