Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Please Make My Topaz Work

Is anyone else like me and despise how sewing machine manufacturers do their websites?  I have yet to find one that is user friendly.  Annoying slide shows with music.  Scrolling through pages just to get basic information.  Arghh.  Their TOL machine splattered all over the home page just to make it harder to find the machine you want to look at.

I know I'm just panicking about my Topaz since I'm looking at websites.  The anxiety is killing me as I called today and they haven't worked on my machine yet.  Puleeaase don't be a lemon. OR even worse a wanna-be lemon.  The wanna-bes like to work only for the dealer and no one can figure out the problem.  You know there's a problem because it doesn't ever work right for you.  You get told it's user error.  Or, "You know that no machine is perfect".  Or told "I don't know what your problem is, it worked just fine for me" and other crappy responses.

I LOVE my Topaz.  For the first time in my life I have a machine I positively adore.  I love everything about it.  Even the little things like lack of a touch screen doesn't totally annoy me.  I have terrible visions of fighting a dealer and corporation over my machine.   I fell in love with my Sapphire 870 hence buying the Topaz.  

*Breathe*  It's gonna be okay.  It's gonna be okay.  I got run over once by a dealer when I was new to the sewing world and that's partly why I'm panicked.  That incidence will never happen again.  I'll make sure of it.

The OCD part of me wants to sell all my machines on Ebetray and get myself a Bernina 8 Series.  Berninas are foolproof aren't they?  The complexity of the machine would kill me so I know better.  Plus the dealer said theirs was having problems and had to be sent back.  She had just gotten it back from Bernina when I came in to check out some stabilizers.

Please..make my Topaz work... 




Jennifer said...

Fingers crossed for you Bethany! Hope they have good news back to you soon.

Jackie said...

It's going to be ok! Think positive!

Becky said...

It will work out, but there will definitely be stress. I can TOTALLY relate to your issue. In December I got a 6 needle machine and it was a lemon. My issue finally worked itself out, but there were many a sleepless night. Keep your chin up!

lesliemy said...

Be persistent. i gave up on my Sapphire 850 too soon probably but when it began to act up and it would be adjusted at the dealer, I would bring it home and the trouble would start again. I sold it after 7 months and bought a straight stitch only that was high speed and had lots of neat features. I already had a machine with an embroidery unit which I love and just wanted the large harp for free motioning. I think I could have really loved the features if only it had worked better .One of the sales women at the dealership bought it which was nice. I think she figured that she could always get it fixed at work. My other problem with it was it seemed under powered, but I think this was solved by the time the 870 came out. You can insist that they send it back to the Husv. US facility for repairs. I am sure THEY can fix it.