Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Striped Butterfly

I got the butterfly designs into the Topaz 30 and stitched one out using Superior's Rainbows thread.  I've been dying to try a variegated thread.  Wow.  Nice thread.   I'm still giggling over the fact that he's got stripes.    

From Embroidery Designs

It wasn't until I turned it over that I realized I had some minor problems:

From Embroidery Designs
There are loops on the back and parts of the towel had come through.  I'll have to do another and change the needle and see if that helps.  Somehow the top tension is loose.  The thread didn't come out of the take-up lever so it may be needle issues.   Or the transfer from JEF to VP3 may not have come through right.  I know the designs work in JEF as I've used it before.  Sometimes it's hard to tell.  I don't know enough about digitizing to fix anything if it can be.



Min said...

Just when you think everything is going right, something happens. Hope you can figure out the problem.

Amelia said...

Very pretty...hopefully you can get the problem solved easily.

Hae a wonderful weekend!