Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Best And The Worst

I'm feeling better today.  Kelly over at I Have A Notion is having a Best/Worst Critic posting so here are my best/worst items I've purchased.  I'm not really a gadget girl and a lot of things I've just passed over or tossed so I don't have much.  I'll start with the worst.  

The Worst:

From Quilted with Love
The iron:  The handle is at an odd angle and your aches after a few minutes.  It was way over priced and never really worked right.  I should just toss it.  The only thing going for it was the wonderful surface area.  Nothing to hold the iron so it wouldn't melt into your table either. 

The Easy Ruler:  Great idea.  Large print and it is easy to read.  But they made a mistake.  The measurement lines don't go all the way across!  If you take a closer look you'll see what I mean.

Compass Points:  This was supposed to make a compass out of your rulers.  Another great idea but the twist tops don't stay and they slide up and down the ruler.  

Packaging Of Organ Needles:  The needles are fine.  However; you can't tell what kind of needle they are as they aren't labeled.  Sharps?  Ballpoint?  Embroidery?  Universal?  Even their website is useless.  Great product.  Fire your packaging guy and get one that can label them right.

The Green Thing:  This is supposed to do the lines for half square triangles.  You line up the center at the diagonals and draw lines.

My Gracie Frame:  That was a disaster purchase.  Wrong parts sent twice.  UPS couldn't find my address because the lady over the phone wasn't exactly brilliant.  Solid wood though and great idea for storage.  And it's still in storage where it will sit for all eternity.

From Quilted with Love

The Best:
From Quilted with Love
Pre wound Bobbins:  These are amazing.  No winding.  Just dump in and go.  Only catch is that if your machine has a sensor, it won't recognize that these are done. 

Madeira Thread Stand:  This sits on top of your thread stand and holds Madeira thread in small and large cones.  LOVE it. 

BOHIN Mechanical Pencil:  This is my absolute favorite marking tool.  It has several colored "leads" and is perfect for marking.  

Mary Ellen's "Best Press" Starch:  I bought this on a whim and quickly found out this stuff is fabulous.  Even my husband uses it to press his work shirts even though it smells like lavender.  Not kidding.  He likes that it doesn't flake or leave a residue.  Didn't know he noticed things like that.  LOL.

Quilter's Reference Tool Book:  This book has every measurement for anything.  Setting blocks, binding, corner stones, half squares.  You name it and it's in there.  I couldn't live without this book.  It's worth every penny.  

Artist Brush:  I use this to clean out my bobbin case and area every time I change a bobbin.  It fits into small places and between cracks.  I broke the brush in half so it would fit easier.   

1/4 Add-A-Seam: This is the best thing ever for paper piecing.  

Freezer paper

My light box made from my old acrylic slide on table and my Ott light.  

From Quilted with Love
And my Janome 6600 table.  This is the BEST purchase I've ever made.

From Quilted with Love
I think I'm done.  


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thank you for taking the time and posting the photos and your take on these items. It is good to know what other quilters think of them.

Kelly Jackson said...

I love your best and worst list. I think this helps us all with our purchases so we don't waste our time or money. Also, someone might find a way to tell us how to use it more effectively...ya just never know.

Kelly Jackson

ytsmom said...

Where did you get your Janome table? (I'm in NE too, so you can be specific) Would it work for a Bernina?