Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jenny Haskins "Vintage Garden" Book

I'm torn.  I've recently discovered Jenny Haskin's magazine "Creative Expressions" and have enjoyed it.  I went online to see her site and my jaw dropped.  What gorgeous quilts!  She has a new book out called "Vintage Gardens" that makes a quilt to die for.  Trying to find her books in the US is practically impossible except through Ebetray.  Her site had the book for for 70 AUD with 25 AUD in shipping.  I'm not sure what that translates to US dollars but that still means OUCH in my pocketbook. 

A site called Ericas.com  has the book on pre-order for 69.95.  

Then I got looking at the designs and realized this out of my league.  I'd get so frustrated trying hoop the designs together to work.  I do have a large hoop, the 360x200, but it would still mean trying to line up designs. I hate to spend hours stitching it out and realize that I can't put the other half together.

*Edited as of June 8 2009*

I did buy the book and it's very well done.  I'm glad I purchased it as I've used the embroidery instructions included to work on my "Aquamarine Ambience" quilt.  

Debi Reese over at Sew Creative Cottage carries Jenny's items including her threads.  She was a wonderful help and I got my book right away.    

If I make the quilt, I plan on using blues and yellows.  The fabric Jenny uses sell out right away but I like doing my own thing.  I plan on doing a cream background with yellow/blue fabrics and threads.  I have some other ideas floating around in my head, but I want to get the "Aquamarine Ambience" done.