Thursday, April 23, 2009

Throwing Fits, Biscornus And Vitamins

I got my biscornu done today!

From Embroidery Designs
4D Extra is throwing fits today. I'll drag and drop and nothing shows up. If I click on the picture, it opens into a new screen that has set up icons in it. Even "Convert It" for the Mac was throwing fits.  All I wanted to do was transfer some butterfly designs to my Topaz. I finally got the designs converted to VP3 and will embroider butterflies after I finish this post.

I was in the doc office the other day for the seizures and was reading a health magazine talking about vitamins. I picked up a bottle of "One A Day Women's" and have taken one for the past 3 days. Wow..does anyone fly really high after taking one? I finished up all the laundry the other night. 4 loads in one evening! Yesterday I got the lawn mowed and some other yard work done. I cleaned up all my sewing mess and vacuumed today. I have the desire to clean windows, walls, and scrub down the bathroom.  I checked the stimulants.  Either I'm seriously depleted or there's something in there they aren't admitting too.   

My hubby bought some of the men's version and today he was SINGING along while on the computer as he found an online radio station. SINGING! He came in from work this morning talking so LOUD about his night. He is NEVER LOUD. I finished up my biscornu and showed it to him. He started tossing it into the air and said, "Way cool..You can toss it!" *scratches head in confusion* Wow.. this is way better than depression meds for him. LOL.

This is the side of the biscornu
From Embroidery Designs
I really love how this turned out.  I'm going to send a picture to the lady who designed it.